Got GitLab installed!!!

I have a Synology NAS 212 J purposed as a Time Machine backup, File Server, Git Host, Cloud Station and Media Center. I have had no problems with this NAS drive. No failure’s all my Photo’s, sources, music and video are stored securely on this device. All my media is managed and secured.

Until, I needed a way to browse through my GIT repositories and look at my notes. I have a lot of personal projects, a lot. I needed a way to organize my projects and make it easy to search. The best interface for source code viewing is GitHub frankly, I needed a localized version  of GitHub. So, enter  GitLab.

Here’s my dilemma GitLab requires a new version of the Synology NAS. Unfortunately, I do  not wish to upgrade this year. So I resurrected one of my old PC’s and Installed Ubuntu 14.0 and Installed GitLab. It was a straight forward process the only caveat, was to make the”Nginx server” (GitLabs webserver)  listen on a different port. The default port for Nginx is being used by an Apache server, which I will be using extensively in the coming weeks.

Success, I have a running version of GitLab and am migrating my important source code from the Synology Nas to my Ubuntu Server.  The way It looks I’ll be able to upgrade the NAS Drive next year to a GitLab capable device and do a full migration.

Btw, have been extremely busy the past few months, so had little chance to update my blog – stay tune tomorrow. “We” are releasing something. -Carpe Diem



Reorganizing my home office.

After a year I had to de clutter my 2 office tables laden with computers. I decided to remove one monitor from my 3 Monitor setup Windows 8 (Now Windows 10) and promote one of the desks to a full OS X development environment. I wanted to purchase a larger monitor for my Mac Book Air and go full stream. Here’s how it looks like now.





Note, that I could have splurged on an apple external display but opted for a Dell Display and Lightning adaptor hub that has USB 3.0. Reason being the existing apple display only outputs USB 2.0. Another consideration was the Dell monitor has other video ports which means I can repurpose the monitor for a windows or Linux pc if the need arises.

I have migrated most of my PHP apps to my Synology NAS and shutdown my dedicated Linux server. If I have to develop or tinker with a Linux machine I can either opt for a virtual machine on my windows pc, macbook air or my raspberry pi.

Chaya- Contemporary Japanese Cuisine in Baguio


72 Legarda Road,
2600 Baguio City Philippines

One of the prevailing trends  in Baguio City, is the act of converting old rustic houses to restaurants. Preserving history and adding a touch of something new – making Baguio a heavenly gourmet paradise.

Upon our last visit we ran out of new restaurants to go to. Perusing a blog in search for something profound, new and exotic. We read an article that there was this Japanese restaurant that is highly recommended by the owner of “Hill Station”.

So, we went, we saw and we ate.



It really looks like a place of residence and we were lucky to have seats – Chaya was packed.

We ordered a  Temaki Sushi – roll your own sushi. Good for 3-4 persons.


From the picture above you make your own sushi by combining, The Nori (seaweed), the slivers of fish, egg etc (oh so fresh) with the nice (well cooked sushi rice) like so.


It was so good. We also ordered Shrimp tempura, it came out as a work of art


side order small dishes were fantastic


To end our lunch we had a green tea ice cream with red beans.


If ever you are in Baguio City, please consider dropping by Chaya and ordering the “Temaki”. You won’t get disappointed.  Peace and Good Eats

Bistro by Hill Station–Death By Chocolate

It’s been a spell since I put up an article, my sincerest apologies.  As for material to write, there are a lot of restaurant reviews still to be written (from my previous trip back home), a couple of tech articles, hikes that I have had and places I have been.  I promise that they will all be uploaded – Carpe Diem.

Onward –

Nestled, in Camp John Hay is a restaurant called Bistro. Bistro is a branch of “Hill Station” famous for a desert called “Death by Chocolate”.

This dessert’s name is a direct word for word English translation of a Filipino expression “mamamatay ka sa sarap” (you will die from deliciousness). Note, it might sound macabre, that the word death seems to finalize any argument/message in the Philippines – Filipinos tend to be more direct. For example a common sign “Do not cross this part of the street” would be on a typical American Billboard. As an American sign, this is so politically correct that no race, creed or animal gets offended. Over time the sign loses its coherence and a couple of lives are claimed (while the sign is up). Filipinos are not so ambiguous, our sign would simply say “Bawal Tumawid may namatay na dito.” (Don’t cross, somebody already died here.). Filipinos care more about your safety than your feelings. You might be offended, but you are Alive.


Back to the Bistro:


Death by Chocolate 120 pesos roughly 3-4 US dollars.


Hidden underneath a small scoop of vanilla ice cream  lies the thick dark chocolate. Like a delicious slap of chocolate goodness wrapped in a gossamer nightgown of vanilla. After one spoonful of this desert you yearn for several more slaps of chocolate richness. It is a sexy dish good to the last spoonful.


Bistro at Camp John Hay home of a sexy desert – yum yum yum.

Churro’s at Dulcinea



Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City
+63 2 895 8131

Churros, that long cinnamon flavored, sugar drenched, oily stick that I always have at Costco when I have a left over taste from a bad lunch that I want to wipe out.  It’s one of those things that I eat that doesn’t give a favorable thought.  I distinctly remember the oily taste and the sugar spilling over to my shirt and jeans.  Basically, this is the churros I am accustomed to.

Enter Dulcinea (Philippines) serving Churros. This is where in my opinion, I had the best Churros.  Dulcinea’s churros is cooked in a light olive oil, this effectively removes that oily taste that I am used to.  It’s crispy, cooked in a light dough bent to make a German Umlaut or a Greek alpha.  Demolishing my preconception that a churros should be a long oily stick you can employ to beat up a gingerbread boy.  And the piece de resistance, the churros is accompanied with a cup of cocoa (chocolate). The chocolate is your dipping sauce.


Take a slice of the churros and dip it , -dip it good (Devo would proud).


I am totally vexed on Dulcinea’s churros.Its one hell of a churros that I recommend you try.

Breakfast at Max–Champorado sans Tuyo (dried fish)


Max Restaurant
1407 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City
Tel: 373-7355 to 56

There is a saying “Eat breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dinner like a Pauper”. On my last trip back home, I had a craving for “Champorado” with “Tuyo” (dried fish) for breakfast. "Champorado” is a sweet chocolate rice porridge, served as a traditional Filipino breakfast, a king’s feast.  Note, to tone down the bitterness of the chocolate you should add milk.

On my last trip home I went to a Max restaurant try their “Triple Chocolate Champorado”.
Unfortunately, you can’t order the traditional “Tuyo”(dried fish) to go with this dish. But, in spite of the lack of “Tuyo” their “Champorado” is so far the best I ever had.


Here’s the “Champorado” mixed with milk


Coffee with biscotti.


Other things to try at Max for breakfast:

Arroz Caldo (Rice Porridge):


Max Restaurant is definitely a place for Good Eats. Now, if I can only convince them to serve Tuyo with their Champorado this would make it a “Heavenly place” for Breakfast.

Watami – Japanese Casual Dinning



Address: G/F, Glorietta, Palm Dr, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

Right adjacent to the Holiday Inn Makati is a branch of Watami a Japanese Casual Restaurant.

2015, Ramen Mania the current noodle darling trend in the Philippines. It seems like every Facebook article or food photo from a friend from the Philippines is about ramen.

Ramen ,that so delicious Japanese noodle dish, serve on a thick broth with slivers of nicely cut meat with a semi hard boiled egg resting on the noodles. On the first day of vacation I so happened to visit this place and partake of their spicy pork miso ramen.


I was not disappointed, this is one of the best ramen dishes I ever had. The noodles were awesome. The tangy taste of the broth sticks to your mouth and plays around there triggering something in my brain – delicious, delicious, delicious.


I ordered assorted yakitori skewers as a combination with the ramen. I was really pleased with the combination.  The mushroom skewer was fantastic it tasted like meat and it was so scrumptious.  The pork and chicken were excellent I really have to state that the mushroom skewer took the prize of being the best skewer among the other skewers in the plate.


Watami is a good place for ramen and I would suggest that you give it a try. You wont be disappointed.