Amazon Alexa, controlling the Neato Botvac via Homebridge Automation

In a previous article Amazon Alexa, using a Home Automation Bridge we discussed integrating the (WiWo-S20) Smart Socket via the Amazon Home Bridge.

The same process has been applied to a Neato Botvac Connected Wi-Fi Enabled Robot Vacuum. Note, there is an existing Neato skill available for Alexa but I prefer to use this integration since I like calling my Vacuum Cleaner “Cujo” and I would like to trigger “Cujo”‘s cleaning task,  using his name instead of “Neato”.  

What prompted me to do this?  I had the misfortune to be woken up from a deep slumber when Cujo was doing his rounds. He went under the Bed, and decided to do a rock and roll concert sucking every possible dirt while belching out his version of “I did it my way”. My phone was in the next room, the only device that  can turn him off. I was mad and awake. Hence, I realized at that point in time, that I can yell  – I can really YELL. Hence, YELL, voice control, ergo  Alexa. So, after Cujo finished cleaning under the bed. I decided to integrate him with Alexa. I made Cujo,  one with the Matrix and took the red pill for my bleeding headache. 

Code and documentation on Github  has been updated.

Note, am currently working on integrating iFit devices with samples. Will have a more detailed discussion on possibilities in succeeding posts.  Apologies on the YELL.



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