La Casa Bianca


Featured in the film “That thing called Tadhana” (“Tadhana” means destiny in Flipino). It is situated in a quiet area in Baguio and functions as hotel, spa and restaurant.

IMG_1299.jpgHere is a view of the restaurantIMG_1301.jpg

And their gazebos


You can have your meals delivered in the gazebos. If you want privacy and a touch of romance.

The restaurant is beautiful, with windows overlooking trees, capitalizing on Baguio’s rich greenery. The dinning area is refined having a non pretentious yet tasteful arrangement of chairs and tables, of course a fireplace.


The food is magnificent. We had to indulge ourselves on a bottle of wine to savor the atmosphere. “That’s tadhana, Baby !!!”


We ordered Callos – a beef tripe dish served on top of  wild rice. IMG_1312.jpgAnd Chop SueyIMG_1311.jpg

So far, this is the best Chop Suey -I ever had. Baguio, is famous for its fresh vegetables, and this dish exemplifies Baguio. If you ever have that chance ,to be in Baguio wanting a piece of “tadhana”, La CASA Bianca is a Destination worth pursuing.



One thought on “La Casa Bianca

  1. Your description or the place is very very and enticing! I will look for this restaurant next time I visit Baguio City 🙂

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