Upgrading to a Synology DS716+

A couple of months ago, I accidentally dropped my Synology DS212j. It was roughly an 8 feet drop from its home, top of my cabinet. So, after the drop I put it back (on top of my cabinet) and turn it on – it works. Kudos to Synology and the raid drives from Western Digital.

Btw, the Synology DS212j is a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device. I use it as a Time Machine Backup, Web Server with PHP ,launching CURL scripts (extracting information from Jira , Saleforce and other feeds), a Git Server hosting my source code from various internal DIY projects , a Cloud Station (this is similar to Dropbox). Am a curious guy ,and I spend whatever little time I have available, feeding my curiosity

This accident was a wake up call . Well, I don’t want to loose any media, source code or family pictures – that would be a bad thing. Plus, I needed to retire my spare linux box which was always on, the linux box is just a Gitlab host. So, I decided to purchase a DS716+. The DS716+ has Docker and Gitlab, Gitlab is available as an encapsulated Docker Container (more about Docker in future writeups), Thus, purchasing a DS716+ I can retire my old trusty Linux Box. Other features of the DS716+, a Plex Server ( I can host my entire non iTunes movie collection on my NAS).

The DS 212j has been demoted to a secondary NAS backup of the DS716+ . The GIT Server , Cloud Station, Web Server and CURL Scripts functions of the DS212j has been delegated to DS716+.

Upon purchase of the DS716+ I had to add more RAM to the device (8GB). Instructions on how to upgrade the DS716+ are well documented on Ross Fisher’s Blog. I will be running Docker on the DS716+ and would be adding other docker containers, 2 GB of memory would not be sufficient.

Here ‘s a series of pictures of my ram upgrade and Hard Disk Installation. I am overall pleased with my new setup.

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