Got GitLab installed!!!

I have a Synology NAS 212 J purposed as a Time Machine backup, File Server, Git Host, Cloud Station and Media Center. I have had no problems with this NAS drive. No failure’s all my Photo’s, sources, music and video are stored securely on this device. All my media is managed and secured.

Until, I needed a way to browse through my GIT repositories and look at my notes. I have a lot of personal projects, a lot. I needed a way to organize my projects and make it easy to search. The best interface for source code viewing is GitHub frankly, I needed a localized version  of GitHub. So, enter  GitLab.

Here’s my dilemma GitLab requires a new version of the Synology NAS. Unfortunately, I do  not wish to upgrade this year. So I resurrected one of my old PC’s and Installed Ubuntu 14.0 and Installed GitLab. It was a straight forward process the only caveat, was to make the”Nginx server” (GitLabs webserver)  listen on a different port. The default port for Nginx is being used by an Apache server, which I will be using extensively in the coming weeks.

Success, I have a running version of GitLab and am migrating my important source code from the Synology Nas to my Ubuntu Server.  The way It looks I’ll be able to upgrade the NAS Drive next year to a GitLab capable device and do a full migration.

Btw, have been extremely busy the past few months, so had little chance to update my blog – stay tune tomorrow. “We” are releasing something. -Carpe Diem



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