Reorganizing my home office.

After a year I had to de clutter my 2 office tables laden with computers. I decided to remove one monitor from my 3 Monitor setup Windows 8 (Now Windows 10) and promote one of the desks to a full OS X development environment. I wanted to purchase a larger monitor for my Mac Book Air and go full stream. Here’s how it looks like now.





Note, that I could have splurged on an apple external display but opted for a Dell Display and Lightning adaptor hub that has USB 3.0. Reason being the existing apple display only outputs USB 2.0. Another consideration was the Dell monitor has other video ports which means I can repurpose the monitor for a windows or Linux pc if the need arises.

I have migrated most of my PHP apps to my Synology NAS and shutdown my dedicated Linux server. If I have to develop or tinker with a Linux machine I can either opt for a virtual machine on my windows pc, macbook air or my raspberry pi.


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