Chaya- Contemporary Japanese Cuisine in Baguio


72 Legarda Road,
2600 Baguio City Philippines

One of the prevailing trends  in Baguio City, is the act of converting old rustic houses to restaurants. Preserving history and adding a touch of something new – making Baguio a heavenly gourmet paradise.

Upon our last visit we ran out of new restaurants to go to. Perusing a blog in search for something profound, new and exotic. We read an article that there was this Japanese restaurant that is highly recommended by the owner of “Hill Station”.

So, we went, we saw and we ate.



It really looks like a place of residence and we were lucky to have seats – Chaya was packed.

We ordered a  Temaki Sushi – roll your own sushi. Good for 3-4 persons.


From the picture above you make your own sushi by combining, The Nori (seaweed), the slivers of fish, egg etc (oh so fresh) with the nice (well cooked sushi rice) like so.


It was so good. We also ordered Shrimp tempura, it came out as a work of art


side order small dishes were fantastic


To end our lunch we had a green tea ice cream with red beans.


If ever you are in Baguio City, please consider dropping by Chaya and ordering the “Temaki”. You won’t get disappointed.  Peace and Good Eats


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