Bistro by Hill Station–Death By Chocolate

It’s been a spell since I put up an article, my sincerest apologies.  As for material to write, there are a lot of restaurant reviews still to be written (from my previous trip back home), a couple of tech articles, hikes that I have had and places I have been.  I promise that they will all be uploaded – Carpe Diem.

Onward –

Nestled, in Camp John Hay is a restaurant called Bistro. Bistro is a branch of “Hill Station” famous for a desert called “Death by Chocolate”.

This dessert’s name is a direct word for word English translation of a Filipino expression “mamamatay ka sa sarap” (you will die from deliciousness). Note, it might sound macabre, that the word death seems to finalize any argument/message in the Philippines – Filipinos tend to be more direct. For example a common sign “Do not cross this part of the street” would be on a typical American Billboard. As an American sign, this is so politically correct that no race, creed or animal gets offended. Over time the sign loses its coherence and a couple of lives are claimed (while the sign is up). Filipinos are not so ambiguous, our sign would simply say “Bawal Tumawid may namatay na dito.” (Don’t cross, somebody already died here.). Filipinos care more about your safety than your feelings. You might be offended, but you are Alive.


Back to the Bistro:


Death by Chocolate 120 pesos roughly 3-4 US dollars.


Hidden underneath a small scoop of vanilla ice cream  lies the thick dark chocolate. Like a delicious slap of chocolate goodness wrapped in a gossamer nightgown of vanilla. After one spoonful of this desert you yearn for several more slaps of chocolate richness. It is a sexy dish good to the last spoonful.


Bistro at Camp John Hay home of a sexy desert – yum yum yum.


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