Churro’s at Dulcinea



Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City
+63 2 895 8131

Churros, that long cinnamon flavored, sugar drenched, oily stick that I always have at Costco when I have a left over taste from a bad lunch that I want to wipe out.  It’s one of those things that I eat that doesn’t give a favorable thought.  I distinctly remember the oily taste and the sugar spilling over to my shirt and jeans.  Basically, this is the churros I am accustomed to.

Enter Dulcinea (Philippines) serving Churros. This is where in my opinion, I had the best Churros.  Dulcinea’s churros is cooked in a light olive oil, this effectively removes that oily taste that I am used to.  It’s crispy, cooked in a light dough bent to make a German Umlaut or a Greek alpha.  Demolishing my preconception that a churros should be a long oily stick you can employ to beat up a gingerbread boy.  And the piece de resistance, the churros is accompanied with a cup of cocoa (chocolate). The chocolate is your dipping sauce.


Take a slice of the churros and dip it , -dip it good (Devo would proud).


I am totally vexed on Dulcinea’s churros.Its one hell of a churros that I recommend you try.


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