Manam–trying the Philippine Watermelon Sour Soup(Sinigang na Pakwan)


Address: Level 1, Greenbelt 2, Ayala Center, Makati City

Tel No:+63 9175399661

From Zomato, Manam gets a lot of raving reviews. The place is nice and located in Greenbelt.  A cozy ambiance where well mannered waiters assist you with the exquisite menu of Filipino comfort food.IMG_0991

A disclaimer my palate is not used to sharp taste and I tend not to enjoy richly flavored food. I am posting this as a note, that what other people might find rich and tasty might cause my stomach to heave.  Taste is highly subjective and I am writing my comments about food based on my age and other ailments. So,please take heed it’s a personal opinion on what I consider good food.

One time I was deeply googling one of my mom’s dishes – Sinigang or Filipino Sour Soup. It’s a delicious dish. Every time I have this soup, it brings back memories of my mom cooking. There are a lot of variations of this dish and I have tried them all. But, there was one new variation using watermelon which intrigued me – such that on my last trip this became my focus. Manam was the restaurant of choice and they did serve this variant.


The soup was delicious and I was amazed that it has that rich sour taste.

I ordered my favorite which is pinakbet (a mix of vegetables with shrimp paste).


And sisig (pork cheeks with peppers) a delicious dish, but Manam’s sisig was a bit too greasy and rich for my taste.


All in all I would say that it’s a good restaurant, but the food was a little rich for my taste. It’s worth a try and I would suggest skipping the sisig.

As for my watermelon soup – it was a nice experience.


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