My Grado SR-80’s

Listening to music has been a passion,  my taste covers a lot of genres Classical, Rock, Heavy Metal, Rap and Disco. I enjoy listening to all of these types and tend not to restrict myself to a certain style or form. Am thankful that I am able to don a pair of headsets listen to music and do my work. Having the pleasure of  carrying out the clickety clack on my keyboard (coding) accompanying James Taylor,  Led Zep, Mozart, Dire Straits, Eric Clapton and Sting. 

Over the years, I have owned and used a myriad of headsets, from Bose,   Motorola wireless blue tooth stereo,  the original apple earphones.  A while back I purchased  a Doctor Dre beats head set, the first generation. Having heard good reviews, I decided to indulged myself and get these. The headsets were great, comfortable – so I carried on, banging code while using the Dre’s. 


Almost all my music is in m4a (Apples audio music format). Through the years, I have amassed a sizable collection of music from iTunes. In the beginning, it was all encoded at 128 kbps, which sounds OK using the Dre’s. Then Apple had a program to upgrade purchased songs into a higher bit rate 256 kbps – I upgraded. Now, in this higher bit rate I notice that there was some sort of flatness when you use the Dre’s, noticeable in other genres, except heavy metal. This lead me to do some research on headphones. Thus, I stumbled on a company called Grado, a Headset manufacturer. After reading a lot of good reviews I decided to try one of their headsets. I got their SR-80 (which was a third of the cost of a Dre). Using the SR-80 I was literally blown away. It was the best headset and I fell in love. It was shocking to hear a cat meowing in the song “Private Investigation” by Dire Straits. I was so in love with this product that after an accident that broke the left ring attachment which holds the ear muff. I haphazardly screwed the broken attachment into place so I can use it quick, I did not want to get rid of it or have it replaced.

You just can’t throw away a good work of art and engineering. Here’s my fixed Grado’s


In succeeding post I am going to use these wonderful headset, my raspberry pi and an old music format called FLAC.


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