A change of venue –The Coffee Table at Eagle Rock.

Having set up my home office to have all the tools I could possibly use,  Suddenly, had that urge to be away and start drafting a solution to a dilemma I have been tasked to work on.  Decided to try one of Los Angeles 10 best places to study – The Coffee Table.

Packed several pads, pens, my FLAC collection of Rock and Classical music and my trusty iPad containing  PDF documents – dumped this menagerie in my Back Pack and


Headed to the The Coffee Table.


The Coffee Table
1958 Colorado Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90041
Eagle Rock
Phone number (323) 255-2200

The Coffee Table is bright, so, bright that  you don’t  need a flash to take a selfie portrait. This place is subdivided into four large areas. Pick a table, plant your stuff, order coffee and a pastry  – study. There is free Wi-Fi access.  But, do take note that Wi-Fi is turned off Saturday and Sunday Morning and activated at  3:00 pm in the afternoon.


I ordered my typical dark roast – unfortunately the only choice was French Roast –sighhh. As an experiment, I had fresh raspberries on a chocolate tart. Note, they did not make the pastry. The pastries are delivered daily from a bakery (I forgot the name).  The pastry was a disappointment.  Probably why I forgot the bakery’s name.


After finishing my drafts and schedules for Monday, decided to head back home. The place was too bright for me to do any creative thinking. It’s not a bad place to study or do work, but it’s not my kind of a place. If they had more dark roast coffee choices and an area that is not too bright I would consider being a regular.

In Eagle Rock, SWORK is still is my preferred choice. 


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