Chocolate Fried Chicken ?

Address: 403 W 12th St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Here’s a concept, grab a free range chicken (pluck it, clean it) dredge it in a dark bittersweet chocolate bath and then fry it till it takes the color of a snickers bar. Serve it with French fries fried in duck (the chickens cousin) fat.  Voila, a bird on a plate – ChocoChicken – clap clap.


The restaurant ambiance is excellent, the waitresses are nice, they got a bar with all kinds of drinks. The ChocoChicken was an experience – it was ok. But it lacks something, maybe if they tried pork chops or bacon instead of chicken it might have turned out better but there is something it needs to make it good. It’s not a terrible dish though. An accompanying sauce for the chicken is some form of deconstructed maple syrup which tasted a tad too gingery.

The Fries have a chocolate ketchup dipping sauce. Note, I am a traditionalist when it comes to French fries, finely sliced potatoes deep fried in oil – that’s it. In their duck fat French fries they added parmesan cheese, I did not like it. Dipping sauce was Chocolate Ketchup.

I tried the ChocoChicken   with Chocolate Ketchup and that was a great and awesome combination !!!


Here’s another variation, ChocoChicken  with Mashed Potatoes and coleslaw.010aaefde7756b5d026d9236b70fb0bc2a78cbc7a8

I would recommend ChocoChicken, but for myself I still prefer  dried fish over Champorado (a sweet Chocolate rice porridge) like Mom used to make.

Here’s a recipe from

Good Eats.


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