Vegan Sisig? Sizzling Tofu at Max Restaurant

The best sisig I ever had was at Gerry’s Grill Baguio. It was great, so delicious, that it raised a question “How can you veganized a sisig ?”. If you remove all the meat and make it a vegan dish, is it still that good? I had this answered at:

Max Restaurant
1407 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City
Tel: 373-7355 to 56


Sizzling tofu – Vegan Sisig, consist of deep fried tofu with sliced chili’s served on a sizzling hot plate, drizzled with mayonnaise. This dish is so exquisitely simple and delicious. So tasty that, its in a different class.  You can’t just compare it to the regular meat sisig dish. Its delicious as an alternative to the regular meat sisig, the combination of the mayonnaise and sizzling fried tofu raised the taste of what a sisig made from meat is, by a several notches. Masarap talaga siya !!!. If you want to try a “healthier?” alternative to the regular sisig, try the Sizzling Tofu at Max.

Here is another dish that I highly recommend in any Max branch:


Pinakbet, my favorite Filipino dish, made from vegetables steamed or stir fried, cooked in a bagoong (shrimp/ fish sauce). This is how a good Pinakbet should look. The vegetables are cooked with the right soft crunchy consistency.  Max does a good job with their Pinakbet, that even in their overseas branches their Pinakbet is the best, the quality is the same.

In Los Angeles I frequently have my Pinakbet at Max’s Restaurant of Manila.

Max’s Restaurant of Manila
313 W Broadway
Glendale, CA 91204
Phone number (818) 637-7751

Good Eats !!!

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