Café Adriatico’s Famous Pansit Palabok


Café Adriatico
SM Mall of Asia 2/F SM Mall of Asia,
Bay City Manila Bay Reclamation Area, Pasay
Tel No: (02) 556-0608

Pansit Palabok is a Filipino rice noodle dish consisting of rice noodles, squid, shrimps, chicharon (dried pork skin),  onions and hardboiled eggs. Unlike other pansit (noodle) dishes where everything is cooked and mixed in a wok, served as is. Pansit Palabok takes a layered form of presentation, the noodles are cooked and placed on a plate. Then you cook the sauce, made from combining the shrimps, squid, chicharon and onions. Once done you place it on top of the noodles. Note, that the sauce, has to have the right consistency. We don’t  want the noodles drenched. The egg is hardboiled, cut into quarters and arranged in a North, South, East, West compass like fashion at the edge of the noodles.  For added flavoring a sliced calamansi (Filipino Lemon) is placed alongside the dish. The calamansi adds an acidity to the Palabok causing an eggy, soury deliciousness.

The best Pansit Palabok I ever had is at the Café Adriatico, located in the SM Mall Of Asia.

Here it is:


You then mix all this up, sprinkle the calamansi and Voila.


My favorite of all favorites is the squid which was cooked just right. The tentacles and head were extremely delicious with the right chewy consistency. Tsalap – tsalap.

Café Adriatico has the best ever pansit palabok.

Side note, here’s a video of me and my sister years back gorging on squid cooked by a street vendor calamari style. I keep on mentioning my son Mark, he has a fondness for squid like his Dad. I had a bad cold during this.


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