Café Via Mare “Goto and Tokwat Baboy”


190 Tomas Morato Ave. corner Sct. Gandia St., QC
(Right beside Citibank)
Tel. No. 467-8219 or 416-1355

Merienda, it’s a meal between lunch and dinner. In the Philippines, we eat small portion meals, sometimes 5 times a day. Am blessed to have friends that brought me to Café Via Mare and reintroduce me to a good old fashioned Filipino Merienda.

Ambiance was nice and we were seated right away. Here’s what we got:


“Goto Arroz Caldo” a Filipino rice soup dish similar to the Chinese congee. Consisting of rice porridge, beef tripe, regular onions and garlic, further garnished with spring onions and roasted garlic. “Sawsawan” Filipino condiments that go with this dish is soy sauce and calamansi (Philippine Lemon). This dish should always be accompanied with:


“Tokwat Baboy”  deep fried tofu “Tokwa” mixed with sliced boiled pork on soy sauce, garnished with spring onions and regular onions.


“Lumpiang Ubod” a spring roll using “ubod” (it’s the heart of a coconut tree)  a wrapper for a mix of bamboo shoots, vegetables, pork and shrimps.  Served with a sweet sauce made from brown sugar, accompanied with chopped garlic and peanuts for added flavor.

For desert we had


“Puto Bumbung” made from sticky purple rice and yams, garnished with grated coconut and brown sugar.  This dish marks the Christmas season and is a favorite of my mom. My mom adds “Star Margarine” to this dish, giving a nice delicious heart stopping high cholesterol kick – sorry mom Winking smile.

Many thanks to my friends for the wonderful Merienda – “Salamat palagi.” Good Eats !!!


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