The Caves of Vanalden

Seeking a place to recharge and meditate, I  pack my gear and spent a couple of hours at the Caves of Vanalden. Located at Tarzana,  the very south end of Vanalden street.  Details on how to get there and various reviews are  listed in this link from Yelp.


The hike to the caves was short, please remember when you come upon a juncture that splits into 2 paths  take the left one. The left path leads you to the cave. You will be hiking downhill, eventually you will encounter the cave entrance.




Here’s me at the cave entrance. During this time, I was testing a pebble watch and iPhone camera integration – the system failed and I had to rely on the old fashion selfie (I’ll be writing more about this and other tech articles soon). The cave was quiet and cool. My only regret was the  trash that people left behind, it was a disappointment.  It was quiet and I spent a couple of hours meditating and exploring, here are some pictures.





It was nice a few hours of solitude. Hoping for another hike next time. Happy Trails.


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