Gerry’s Grill Baguio – Hooked on garlic fried rice- “pa share naman”

Gerry’s grill located inside the Shoe Mart Mall at Baguio City. A restaurant well loved for its selection of grilled dishes. Always filled and having a queue of people waiting in line to get in and chow down on their awesome selection of grilled dishes. Having a friendly and attentive staff ready to cater and suggest what’s good and fresh.


This is the  place where I was converted  into a  “garlic fried rice for lunch“ kind of guy.


I usually have garlic fried rice for breakfast in the Philippines. In future blog post I will be covering our Filipino Breakfast and extol its virtues and share with you the joys of waking up to a breakfast my mom used to make. 

I normally have plain white rice when I eat anything grilled- lunch or dinner. In my younger days I remember my colleagues from work (Burroughs now Unisys) dining in a small grilling place ordering plates of grilled pork chops and chicken, eating them with white rice served on top of banana leaves. This is why I am fond of  white rice as a staple for  anything  that is grilled.

At Gerry’s grill, is where having lunch with a  dear friend.  I was given this statement "Ako Garlic Rice. Ikaw white rice. I wont share”. Translation, “I’ll have garlic rice. You’ll have white rice. I won’t share”.  Intrigued, I ordered garlic rice. This is probably the same scenario I had with the ziplining experiment and my shoulder injury. Garlicious delicoious ricious – masarap it was really a good staple for the dishes that came next.

Kinilaw na Tuna – a Filipino dish similar to the Mexican ceviche. In this dish, the raw tuna is cut in small pieces and marinated in a mixture of vinegar and spices. This marinating process is how the tuna gets cooked. Garnished with chilies and onions. The freshness of the tuna was so delicate that there was no fishy taste or smell.

Sisig, A Filipino dish serve on a sizzling plate – a mix of pork cheek,  brains and liver, You season this with calamansi and peppers. Soy sauce is used as a sawsawan (dipping sauce).

And the best of them all grilled squid. Not gamey – sweet and well cooked. The head and tentacles were delicious.

Gerry’s grill – grilled dishes with garlic rice the best. Btw, “Pa share naman nang garlic rice.”


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