Eating live cooked shrimps at Spring Deer – Quezon City.

Remember that Charlton Heston movie "Soylent Green", ending with Charlton saying  "It’s people. Soylent Green is made out of people. They’re making our food out of people. Next thing they’ll be breeding us like cattle for food. You’ve gotta tell them. You’ve gotta tell them!".  If the Soylent green eaters were here they’ll  gladly join me for a feast at the Hong Kong Spring Deer restaurant in Quezon City.  Skipping their diet of white cracker “people stuff” in favor of fresh seafood cooked Hong Kong style.

The food is so fresh that the live shrimps thrown in  the wok -died happy. The speed of execution did not made the shrimp consider its purpose in life. Think of shrimpy things – like honor, “What am I going to do later ?”, “What did the wife made for lunch ?” or “Is my mother-in-law coming over to tell me what a bad shrimp I am ?”  In those final seconds,all it thinks about is “Wow, I am blushing ?“.  and then – it has ceased to be.

On a recent trip I was treated lunch (Chinese food – Hong Kong style) by very good friends. A promise of Fresh seafood, a few surprise dishes and good conversation. A perfect recipe for a good time – absolutely delicious.

Spring Deer Restaurant:

Sct. Tobias, Lungsod Quezon, Philippines
+63 2 374 3582

Here is the entrance


Our shrimps occupies one of the the aquariums that are displayed at the entrance.  Happily swimming about and doing their usual shrimp things. Each aquarium houses a distinct “sea food” one for crabs,  for fish and some other denizen of the owe so delicious deep.


Entering the restaurant we were guided to a nice table. Here’s what we got:


Shrimps, cooked to perfection. The sweetness was seared to its fleshy insides. The skin peels off easy -a trademark of freshness.


Hot and sour soup with the right amount of spice and acidity. The soup base was thick leaving a clingy taste that sticks to your upper palate.


Stir fried asparagus with garlic. The garlic was a perfect mix. Cooked just right to complement the asparagus. The asparagus were crunchy, the way I like it. The dish had a nice soupy taste left by the cooked vegetables and oodles of garlic. This residual sauce highlights the asparagus crunchiness and the garlic’s kick.


A noodle dish, which I forgot that name. But the taste is unforgettable. The vegetables were crunchy, the meats soft and tender. The noodles al dente with sauces stemming from the well mixed vegetables and meats.

Lastly the surprise, my Mom’s favorite – Pata Tim.



Pata Tim is pork thighs cooked in a special sweet sauce and served with buns. The pork is so soft that you can slice it with a spoon. It’s like having a pork pulled sandwich were the pork came from china (visa and all) and decided to just lie on a Chinese Bun.

This dish is eaten like this.


It was delicious! Special thanks to my best of friends back home for the treat. An amazing experience at Quezon City.


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