Le Monet at Baguio–a retreat.

Baguio City has been a favorite retreat of mine. A place where I get relaxation and a full charge. A refuge from the hustles and bustles of life. A place high in the mountains with pine trees, nice people, lovely weather and fresh mountain air. It is at this place (Baguio) where I frequently book a couple of days at the “Le Monet”.


Le Monet is located inside Camp John Hay, Baguio City at Ordonio Drive. Named after Claude Monet the father of French Impressionist paintings. Staying in this hotel is like living in a themed work of art. The outside architecture is beautifully styled. The building  complements the sunrise and sunset of Baguio- like a prism illuminating the forest next to it and highlighting the flowers and garden that surrounds it.



The Interior houses a magnificent chandelier that goes well with the wonderful and courteous staff – ready to serve your needs.

This hotel and its staff functions like a fine tuned Swiss clock (kudos to the manager and owner of this fine establishment).


The rooms are tastefully furnished and clean. I make it a point to reserve rooms with the “forest view”. In the morning from your terrace you will be greeted by the fog and mist of Baguio. As you enjoy each sip of your morning coffee on your terrace, as the fresh mist tapers off.  You will be surprised at the full majesty of the forest.



The rooms are nicely carpeted and the beds have fresh linens.  The scent of pine trees waft the  room.



The best part of the room – “the bathroom” will be detailed on a succeeding post.


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