Lunch at Hill Station.

A haunting we will go. Casa Vallejo one of the oldest buildings in Baguio City. Rumor has it- this place is haunted.  Baguio City is filled with tales of the paranormal (those things that go bump in the night) e.g. the White Lady of Balete drive.  The ghosts of Casa Vallejo – a rumor ? Or, a truth yet to be revealed.


Casa Vallejo is a nice quaint hotel. Housing an excellent restaurant called the Hill Station. IMG_3506

Serving delicious food in an old Spanish style setting. Laying to rest our stomachs – haunted by hunger.


Being guided to our table we already had an idea of what to order. And it was delicious !

We started with soup of the day – fresh mushroom soup.


Creamy to perfection with the right amount of tanginess.

And the sides – bread. Their bread is phenomenal. Excellent consistency, fluffiness to the extreme. The taste is  a marriage of sourdough and rye bread.  Accompanied by dipping sauces. The green ceramic dish contains what I think is olive oil.  I’ll verify this with our wonderful  waiter next time around. Yellow dish contains crushed herbs and spices. I think cumin is one of the ingredients.


Main course is “Callos” a Filipino Spanish dish made from tripe, pork, tomatoes, garbanzo beans (chick peas) with chorizo (sausage)  simmered in tomato sauce. Wonderful, the meat was soft and melts in your mouth. The tomato sauce did not leave an acidic after taste that over powers the meat. This was done exactly right – mom would be proud ( also my Tita Baby).


We ordered Salpicao. It came accompanied with their fantastic bread.  Salpicao (Filipino style) is beef simmered in oil  with garlic. In Hill station’s this dish is yet garnished with extra fried garlic. The meat is tender, soft and juicy.


For the 2 main courses we ordered  purple Baguio rice as our binding agent (ha ha ha). Typical Baguio, the Purple Rice is a native of the Baguio dining table – extremely good. 


Tapas Bar and Restaurant at Casa Vallejo
Luneta Hill, Upper Session Rd., 2600 Baguio City, Philippines

Great Food !


One thought on “Lunch at Hill Station.

  1. Haven’t been there. I’ll visit it next time, I know it’s worth the try after reading your sumptuous blog 😉

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