The best pizza I ever had is at Shakey’s – Camp John Hay, Baguio.

Always had a preference for thin over thick crust pizza. Being a traditionalist, I have a dislike for pizza injected with cheese. So, that the edges can be eaten.  I don’t get it – each to his own, I guess.

Inside Camp John Hay is a collection of small food stalls. Aptly called the Filling Station located at Ordonio drive.


You’ll be greeted by that wooden gentleman. Baguio is filled with the these beautiful life size woodcarvings.


One of the stalls in the Filling Station is Shakey’s,  the U.S. pizza chain. Now here is where my pizzalicous dining begins.

Imagine, Baguio is on a mountain (high altitude). Combine the fact that the bread dough cooks differently(altitude – air). And also add, that Baguio cooking is well known for fresh ingredients. These elements make food in Baguio, a nirvana like experience.

Having said that. We tried ordering pizza – thin crust.


The pizza was delicious, the crust was super hyper thin. Plus, the cheese, pepperoni and fresh bell peppers were done just right. The bell peppers were crunchy.  In some pizza places adding  more cheese compensates for the staleness of the crust – leaving an overpowering  saltiness. Not here,  this is a perfectly balanced pizza.

A test for a true  thin crust pizza is when you hold a slice with your hand. The entire pizza should be strong enough to hold the ingredients without sagging. This pizza passed with flying colors.


The crust is hyper thin. It’s even thinner than a cracker. I would say that this pizza is the “Mac book air” of Pizza’s.  I proclaim that the pizza in Shakey’s at Camp John hay is really pizzalicious. I enjoyed every slice.

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