Happy Tummy–A Thai Restaurant in Baguio.

In Romulo Drive, Baguio City – Philippines (right across Wright Park) nestles a group of restaurants aptly called the Ketchup Food community.  A collection of eating places- serving delicious inexpensive (very very affordable) cuisines.


Comprised of “Canto” a restaurant offering ribs. Delicious succulent ribs. Ribs to mmm for. “Rancho Norte” – Filipino comfort food (Tapa, Kare Kare) and drinks (Smoothies). “Rumah Sate”- serving Indonesian dishes (Sate, Nasi Goreng …). “Green Pepper” – pasta, salad, steak  and sandwiches (continental food – double sigh). My favorite of favorites – “Happy Tummy” – Thai Food. Each dish in each restaurant inside the Ketchup community averages out to 120-200 PHP (40 PHP is roughly 1 USD).


A very close and dear friend suggested that we try the “Happy Tummy”(Thai food) and  a favorite dish. Deep voice inside my head asks the question “Who doesn’t want a Happy Tummy ?”. So let the Tummy be Happy. Thus, We went:


We ordered:


Tom Yum Shrimp,


The consistency of the coconut laden spicy broth was perfect. Not too thick with a tangy sourness complemented by well cooked shrimp. Vegetables and the tomatoes are perfect. The bamboo(thingy) that seems to be in every Tom yum soup was well behaved and nicely cut. I always have a tongue duel with this ingredient – points awarded to the thingy for poking my tongue. In “Happy Tummy” this thingy was nicely cut blunted down– no sharp edges.

Pad Thai


This noodle dish was superb. There was no greasiness or residual oil. The peanut toppings was finely ground – peppery. The consistency of the pasta – perfect. It was not sweet – delicious.

And the suggestion, a unique dish that blew my mind “


Green Mango and Catfish salad !!! Green mango strips, covered with catfish flakes, topped with slivers of red bell peppers. The catfish flakes were not oily and greasy. It reminded me of a healthier version of our Filipino “mango and bagoong(blanchang in Indonesia)”. It is a very delicate dish that oozes in flavor- complementing our other dishes – Deliciousness (tsalap tsalap).

I will never forget this place and aim to visit it again and again. Enjoying the last serving –


Cheers Winking smile


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