OMG (Oh My Gulay) Baguio

Baguio city, the summer capital of the Philippines. Home of great fresh vegetables and produce. Ingredients for delicious food and a setting for nice restaurants.

On my recent visit I wanted to try one of Baguio’s famous restaurants – okay its vegetarian but don’t let that lack of meat deny you a substantial experience. It’s an artist café serving vegetarian dishes (no meat). The place is called “Oh My Gulay" – OMG for short.

Located at:

  • Session Road,
  • Top Floor, La Azotea Bldg.
  • Baguio City, Benguet

Here’s the entrance:


Inside the Restaurant:



Now for our menu:


We ordered:

Bulaklak Tempura, squash flowers dipped and fried in Tempura batter. Sauce is made from soya (soy sauce) with calamansi(Filipino lemon). Costing PHP 70 or roughly USD 2-3.  It’s not greasy and it maintains a fluffiness the minute you put it in your mouth. The squash flowers creates a spongy feeling on your tongue. Similar to eating cotton candy but mind you this is the healthy variety,


Oh my Gulay Rice – Brown rice with  vegetables, tofu and an omelet.  This is mixed with a special Teriyaki sauce variant.  One of their best dishes costing 140 Pesos or 3-4 USD. You can’t go wrong with anything laden with teriyaki sauce.


Pancit Gulay – A variant of the “Oh my Gulay Rice” without the omelet using egg-noodles instead of brown rice. This dish left much to be desired. I would have preferred more vegetables added, to give a crunchiness. This dish lacks something.Costing 130 PHP or 3-4 USD.


Oh My Gulay  Baguio is an experience. Don’t forget to order the “Oh My Gulay Rice” – the best.


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