Drinking Hot Chocolate beaten with a Stick at Choco-late de Batirol.


One Filipino drink I love is Hot Chocolate. Christmas and New Year’s eve is celebrated in my family with Hot Chocolate – Filipino Style.  The main ingredient Chocolate (Cacao or Tsokolate in Filipino) is available as a round tablet. This is dissolved in hot water in a “batirol” (an iron pitcher) whisked(beaten) with a stick called a “batidor”.  This article gives more details on the process and various recipe’s for making Hot Tsokolate.

Pictures of the famous stick


One great place to experience this tradition is at CHOCO-LATE de Batirol. Located at :

    Chocolate de Batirol – Baguio Branch
    Igorot Park
    Camp John Hay
    Baguio City 2600

    with branches in Pampaga.

    Here’s the entrance at the Baguio Branch


The main entrance




It was a nice day and we had our orders taken outside – beautiful weather. The Menu:


We had the traditional blend costing 90 pesos roughly 2-3 USD.


The Tsokolate was superb, very rich and creamy. You normally put sugar to sweeten it. I choose stevia as my sweetener. The thickness of the chocolate superbly frothed hot and tasty. It is a remarkable experience. Combine this with the peacefulness of Baguio, “Choco-late de Batirol”’s ambiance all contributing to one great experience.  A lot of memories of Mom, Dad, My Aunts, Cousins, Lola – my Family.

If ever your in Baguio please drop by you wont regret it.


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