Mann Hann–The joy of fried rice without peas and carrots.

Mann Hann is a restaurant chain in the Philippines serving excellent Chinese food at reasonable prices. The FreeWeb  gives a profile of the establishment and the menu.

On my recent trip to the Philippines I had a nice lunch at this fine establishment. On a prior trip I had my favorite – squid heads on tempura batter along with Chami. Chami is a sweet and spicy egg noodle (“Miki bihon”) dish.


Here’s what we had for lunch


Hot and sour soup, spicy and delicious a great starter.


Yang chow fried rice – a good friend of mine has this aversion for peas and carrots on his fried rice. I was deeply intrigued by his praises on  Mann Hann’s “Yang chow fried rice”. He makes it a point that every time he is back home. He has  Mann Hann’s “Yang chow fried rice”. I tried this dish and am converted. It is extremely delicious, not greasy and a perfect mixture of spring onions and egg with bits of meat.


Garlic Kangkong – the garlic was fried to perfection. The Kang kong was crisp and crunchy.


Spicy Sparerib – crispy and not oily with the right amount of spice. The pork fat “skin” is crunchy.

A perfect lunch with good friends at Mann Hann. What more can you ask.


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