Shabu Shabu at Gloria Maris Greenhills Manila


Shabu-Shabu one of my favorite all time dishes(cooking method ?). A lot of countries has its own version/variant of this dish(cooking style). It’s (a dish ?) or a cooking method involving a pot filled with soup broth,  set on top of your table. The pot sits on top of a stove (or whatever heat source) and the broth is allowed to simmer. You then order ingredients from a menu to add to this broth. Once the ingredients arrive, you then put them in your simmering broth. Over time you allow the ingredients to cook and perform their wonderful dance – producing a very unique tasty dish. The myriad of combinations and cooking techniques assures the Shabu-Shabu participant that at this moment and time this Shabu-Shabu will be so unique that there is no other Shabu-Shabu like it before this moment and even after.

Another caveat to this ritual is the sauce. You make your own from a set of sauces  and spices served at the side.  You then mix all these sauces and make your own dipping sauce  on an empty dipping sauce bowl provided for you.

While waiting you and your party who are holding their own cooking implements. Try to mix, add portions of your ordered ingredients and discover the long lost art –  a conversation. It is surprising  because of the bantering on which dumpling, vegetable or meat to put first. The added stress of the sauces running out. You have no time to open your cell phone to look at your Facebook updates or answer that annoying text on what your friend heard from another friend regarding some piece of gossip that she/he should not be spreading. Sit back enjoy the moment have a discussion while waiting for the Shabu-Shabu to be ready.  This moment like your Shabu-Shabu will never happen again.

One of my favorites is Gloria Maris at Greenhills.

Address: Missouri St, Lungsod ng San Juan, Philippines
Phone:+63 2 570 0921

A link to their site.

Sample Menu:


The Sauces-  you use to create your own special sauce. Chilis, Spring onions peanut sauce. Hoyshin Sauce etc


Combine sauces above to create your own sauce below.


The Main Broth:


The ingredients from your menu choicesIMG_1008 IMG_1011

Mix all together – simmer and wait. IMG_1013

You get your own delicious Shabu-Shabu


If ever you’re in Greenhills Manila the Philippines and have a hankering for Shabu-Shabu. Gloria Maris is one delicious stop over. Their courteous and good natured staff. The good food is a Foodies haven.


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