TOHO – Manilas oldest Chinese restaurant.


On my recent trip to the Philippines I visited the oldest Chinese restaurant in Manila “New TOHO Food Center”. This establishment has been open since 1888. Located in China town at 422 Thomas Pinpin Street, Binondo Manila. Note:This blog post details the Top 10 oldest Restaurants in Manila [Eat+Drink]. IMG_3044

The interior reminds me of the Chinese restaurants my Father use to bring us kids.



As we walk in  – a waiter directs us to a table and hands us a menu.  We then order our favorites. The waiter then takes our order gives it to the kitchen and lays these sets of plates on our table. The green lime below on the tiny saucer is called calamansi we mixed this with Soy Sauce and its something we use as a dipping sauce “sawsawan” – our version of salt and pepper.


In a few minutes our order arrives.


“Pinsec Prito” – Fried wanton


“Fried Milk” dry roasted noodles with pork and shrimp covered with a sauce made from milk.


“Camaron Rebosado”  Breaded Shrimp a Filipino version of shrimp tempura.

The food was excellent and it brought back a lot of memories. We ate we got full and we left. If you ever drop by Manila – Chinatown – TOHO is an adventure in itself.

Extras Menu of Food Prices (for Elmer):



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