Notes that follow you …

I used to lug around a notebook(analog – “paper”) and a pen to jot ideas, notes and to-do’s. It’s got to the point that sometimes I don’t have my notebook(analog- “paper”) and am not able to take down any notes.  Another drawback to this method is that my notebook(analog – “paper”) is a sequential device. I tend to write sequentially but my needs or ideas come in a random fashion. Case in point, my shopping list tends to be all over the notebook(analog-“paper”).  Shopping list followed by to-do’s followed by random notes -  like phone numbers, research, programming and meeting notes and then new shopping list entries.

Thus, how do you make this process digital. How do you make all these subject’s (to-do’s  shopping list ) reside each on its on page? Plus since it is digital,  Can I make these notes follow me?

I needed to make a digital sticky note !

  • Which I can access in all my devices (iPad, iPhone, computers(Linux, OS X, Windows).
  • Notes should be synchronized with all my computers. If I changed a note in any of my devices this change gets propagated to all of my other devices.
  • It’s got to act like a sticky note visible and unobtrusive.

Something like this:


That’s my work horse in my home office.

For my synching solution I used a Synology NAS Cloud Station.


For a detailed description refer to this link Synology NAS Home File Sharing. Note, the nice thing about this package is that your limit would be the available disk space on your NAS and each file (as of the date of this entry) must be less than 10 GB. The clients for this service covers -Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, iPhone and iPad.  Another alternative would be to use DropBox – you get a free 2GB’s. of storage for the free account.  Any of these solutions answers the synching aspect.

Now, to display the notes in an unobtrusive fashion on my computers.  For this entry I will discuss doing this on a Windows computer. A succeeding Blog Entry will cover the Mac OSX.

For displaying the notes on a Windows Computer I use Rainmeter a desktop customization tool. This allows you to add widgets on screen, like clock’s, rss feeds, etc. Note, You can really go overboard customizing (matter of taste). I  just have notes on my screen and a clock widget. Like this.


For our Rainmeter theme  I selected Paper::Notes 

Each note can be customized as follows:

For Synology NAS:


For DropBox:


Note, the downloadable version of the Paper ::Notes skin allows you to have 5 note widgets. You can extend this by going to your Home application’s directory – Rainmeter – Skins – Paper – Notes. Copy the “Note 1” folder into a “Note 6” and then do a refresh on Rainmeter. “Note 6” gets created … you can repeat this process for “Note 7” etc …

That’s all for now.

BTW, I miss carrying my notebook(analog – “paper”).


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