My NAS Drive died …


Brief history, I purchased an iomega ix2-200d three years ago. I was happy with my purchase and have had a nice backup solution for all my computers and devices. Features included a DLNA server, bit torrent client, time machine backup for my OS X computers and others. It contains 2 1 Terra Byte drives which I made into a 2 Terra Byte  contiguous resource – (Note, not mirrored …) I decided not to create a mirrored drive since I need the full 2 terabytes of data. I have setup a USB backup drive to host copies of important data residing on the NAS. This copy is done by a cron job executed daily around 2:00 am. An added insurance in the event something catastrophic happens – e.g. the Angel disks failed.

So, something catastrophic happened – a couple of months ago – the disk’s failed (the 2 disks).

Ok, this would be a simple matter of purchasing new disk drives and restoring the data I have on the USB backup (logical right). Guess what – the operating system resides on the disks. So if both your disk failed you got to buy from iomega replacement disks containing the OS for your bricked NAS drive. Sad smile

After weighing everything I finally decided to look for a replacement NAS. I made sure that the NAS OS is in NVRAM and not on the disks. I also wanted it to be quiet.

I finally opted for a Synology DS212j. Purchased 2  2 Terabyte Western Digital Green Drives which I mirrored.


Have been extremely happy with my purchase.I will be detailing how I use this drive in subsequent post.


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