Installing SiriProxy

Kindly skip my previous posting “using dnsmasq on a tomato router …”. Let’s start with the basics first before attempting to implement “dnsmasq” on a tomato router. In the next steps I have modified my tomato router’s dnsmasq and removed the entry for

I installed SiriProxy on my local Ubuntu home server. More detailed instructions are listed  – Installing SiriProxy  Link also involves hosting dnsmasq on the local server and modifying it to point to

When you connect your iPhone 4s to your wireless network. You have to modify your DNS server to point to the machine hosting SiriProxy. The SiriProxy hosts (which runs its own dnsmasq) will be “” to your iPhone4s. Note, the SiriProxy hosts must be able to point to the true “”. Reason intercepted “not handled speech packets” are redirected to the true “” and responses from these packets are then forwarded to your iPhone 4s.

Note, we will implement the dnsmasq on the tomato router and do some internal modifications to the the SiriProxy server on a later time. Next would be Installing SiriProxy plugins


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