using dnsmasq on a tomato router (a prerequisite to install Siri Proxy)

Finally, thanks to the guys at  Applidium and the dedication of Plamoni – a proxy server for apple’s “Siri” was created. In lieu of these developments I have decided to implement “Siri Proxy” – within my home network. Primary hurdle in installing Siri Proxy – is to have all network traffic directed to “” intercepted and passed to the “Siri Proxy” which is hosted on a dedicated “Linux Machine”.

My home network consists of an Asus router which I have flashed with the “Tomato Firmware”. Internal to the “Tomato Firmware” is dnsmasq. My home network consists of a variety of Linux Servers both Virtual and physical, along with a myriad of gadgets, windows pc’s and OSX computers I use dnsmasq heavily.

My Goal is to host Siri Proxy on a dedicated Ubuntu Server (Linux Box). With my “router” directing all traffic from “my Home Network to” to the Linux Box.  This can be done by modifying the optware host file. prior to boot

After doing a reboot. I tried to ping “”.

After Reboot


Currently upgrading my Ubuntu Server to the latest build. Once finished I will commence installing Siri Proxy. Wish me Luck


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