Prior, to my vacation someone posted a YouTube link on “Siri Proxy”. In summary what this “Guy” did was to Host a Siri Proxy in his own network. A “Siri Proxy” is a localized version of the “Siri Server”. Instead of sending the data from your iPhone 4s to the main Siri Server. He was able to send all these commands to a local computer “a proxy”. Intercept them and do processing. His exploits are covered in these links : 

  1. SiriProx controlling a Thermostat via Wired 
  2. Ruby Source code courtesy of Palmoni 
  3. Controlling your car with Siri 

Am looking forward to set this up on my home network and see what I can do. I envision some applications that I can develop. Am, hoping that Apple can formalize this into an SDK. But, till then will be so looking forward to studying this.



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