Using Blogsy

Taking much needed time of to update my blog. Last update was about my exploits in using an Asus Router(flashing it with the tomato firmware and creating a VPN connection compatible with my iOS devices, Windows, Linux and OSX environments) – as of this date the setup is working fine.

Thanksgiving is fast approaching. I am taking a much needed vacation. I will be driving to San Francisco- visit friends and family. I would like to update my Blog during this trip and have settled on using my iPad. I got an iPad with a 3G connection so this would enable live updates – (write and then publish) realtime.


I have had evaluated other blogging software for the iPad and finally settled on "Blogsy". I am using the "Blogsy" app to write this article. Note, my writing setup includes an apple bluetooth wireless keyboard. So, far am really impressed with the app’s functionality. For more info on “Blogsy” please click this link

One other thing to make this app more functional is to upgrade to iOS 5.0 on all your devices and use Photo Streaming. With this feature you are able to share pictures between your iOS devices. Say, I took a picture with my iPhone and i need it to be on my iPad so I can use it on my Blog. Photo Streaming does this transparently. The picture gets to iCloud and then the other devices downloads the image. Pretty Neat.

Sample image i have taken with my phone which automatically is synched to my iPad. Using "Blogsy" to include this in my word press post.
Am, Editing this article to include a picture of "Blogsy" and my desktop.


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