Simpang Asia

Los Angeles hosts a wide variety restaurants. A couple of weeks back I have had a craving for Indonesian food. Brief background, I used to live in the Netherlands. A lot of Indonesian restaurants, having said that I have had my fill of the Nasi Goreng , Bami, Satay and other Indonesian delicacies. Moving to Los Angeles, I gravitated to Filipino Restaurants (am a filipino). Having said that I discovered this place – “Simpang Asia”

Simpang Asia Groceries
10433 National Blvd #2
Los Angeles, CA 90034
To order by phone: (310)815-9075
To order by Fax: (310)815-9340

The place is awesome, free wifi access and a store to buy Indonesian delicacies. Reasonably price and food that your “Indonesian Mother” makes. Above Photo, is chicken cooked in coconut milk , vegetables in blanchang  (bagoong in the Philippines) and rice. The Food is quite tasty. Am making it a habit to spend my Saturday lunch here. If you ever have a hankering for Indonesian Food. Simpang Asia, is in my opinion a Los Angeles “Food Trip” you just got to try.


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