Audible, iOS5 and ITunes Blues

The long awaited iOS5 update was released recently. I have reaped the benefits of an untethered OS updates, Notifications and Multi touch gestures. Am really impressed by the changes. I have to say that these changes are overly due for the iPhone, iPad and iTouch devices. Apple has done extremely well in this update.

On a different item I am also a fan of Audible. I have a large collection of Audio Books that I listen too while driving. Spending time to sit and read has been a luxury for me. Hence, the audible audio books. I drive and listen to my audio books. This media is synched and organized in my iTunes library along with my videos and music that I purchase from the iTunes Store. Life has been grand and all media from my library gets synched to my phone and iPad – I don’t have to do extra processing point and click.

After the IOS5 update low and behold my Audible audio books are not synched to my phone (an iOS5 updated device). I can not play them in my Car the usual way. Now, I Have to use the Audible App – an extra step when I am driving. This issue has severely annoyed me. Just when I am planning to take a long trip to San Francisco and plan to listen to the “Stieg Larsson – Trilogy”. Lucky for me I have a USB interface to my car stereo where I can attach an mp3 player. I revived my original iPhone the 1st Gen which has iOS 3.2 I was able to synch my audible collection via iTunes and attach it to the USB interface. The old iPhone (for audio books) via USB and for Music I use a bluetooth connection to connect to my iPad. So, far this seems like a remedial solution but am hoping that Apple would allow Audible Audio books to be synched to iOS5 devices.


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