Not charging message for IPad’s


A couple of days ago I have been synching an iPad to iTunes on a windows machine (funny hahaha) and discovered that there is a non charging message being displayed. Digress a bit – I have a collection of Windows and OSX computers the choice of the windows machine was purely random my iTunes library is completely shared from a central NAS so the choice of machines to synch on is a matter of which is turned on at the moment – convenience.

Letting the iTunes (iPad) process of synching and coming back after 2-3 hours. I had to do other stuff. I noticed that the iPad’s battery was charged to 100%- go figure. So, I started querying the internet. Lo and behold I discovered that once the iPad is turned off it will use the USB port to charge.

So this happens, interesting. I have purchased an iMax battery from New Trent it powers my iPhones and other gadgets  but once I connect it to an iPad- I get the offending message. I was planning to scrap the battery and buy a new and powerful one – (I might be taking a long trip I need to carry a battery as a reserve).  So, I tested the old iMax battery and plugged it to an iPad with 50% charge. See photo  below:


So, I ran errands yesterday the iPad off and connected to the old battery.  After an hour or two the iPad was charging. This interesting test save me the need to buy a newer batter.  Hope this info would help you save some extra bucks instead of buying a newer swankier battery.


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