Solstice Canyon

Reviving this blog, after a couple of months of being extremely busy I decided to resuscitate my “twitter” and “wordpress” accounts. Funny thing is, it became a chore just to blog or tweet. A day of not writing becomes a week, a month and eventually a year. And finally after a dry spell you open these accounts and decide it’s time to get back in to the fold. So you sit on the driver seat, step on the gas and go – go baby, go baby.

Today, I decided to go hiking again. For the record have not been feeling well. I quit smoking and this is my third week without nicotine. Got to stop with the apologies and continue on. I have had some health issues. Was lucky that today a colleague of mine “Luis” hiked with me, am fortunate that he was there. Going back to the hiking has not been that easy. Yet the view and silence was worth it. So we went to Solstice Canyon.

For an in-depth information on what Solstice Canyon is kindly refer to modern hikers blog on solstice canyon

Here are some pictures of the trip:


The halfway point of the mountain yields a nice view of the ocean.


I would like to think of this rock formation as a saint watching over the canyon. I usually stop at this point and look and let the view relax me. Am always consoled that nature has its own way of reminding us how beautiful it is. The scene from Indiana Jones always races in my mind about the virtue of the “penitent man”. In the quest for the Holy Grail the penitent man kneels before his lord.


After the fire, notice that the burned trees are replaced giving way to new foliage.


Steps leading back


The Grotto with Luisclip_image012


Pictures of the ruins


Heading back, being reminded of the saint that watches over us.


Ending the day with thanks and a reminder on how beautiful nature is.

Happy Trails …


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