My reliable wrt54G router and OpenVPN

My home network is a testament to Darwin’s theory of evolution. I host a disparate network where files are being shared and internet is being accessed by Linux, Unix, Windows, OS X, PS/3’s , Smart Phones  (not to mention DOS and OS/2 VM machines backup somewhere on a DVD).  In time, pieces of the network are retired to new and better counterparts – that’s change for you Winking smile.   I would say the longest non replaced item in my network has been the original wrt54g router. Here it is surrounded by my NAS drive, 1 gigabit switch and array of USB hard disk’s used as a failover for my NAS.


The main reason I have not had this thing replaced is because the firmware has been flashed with the Tomato Router firmware (available at  The most reliable, tweaked(able), open source firmware that gives your router the capability of a router 10 times more expensive with super-duper features.   Kindly refer to the link on the Tomato router for added descriptions and supporting documentation.

Activating openvpn  is detailed on this post Please note that I have used this on both OSX and Windows and am really happy with the performance.  Smile

Note there seems to be issues with the OpenVPN GUI for windows. I have had to create a command script (CMD – batch file) to start the executable. The GUI as of this date has been unwieldy for me. Maybe in the future this would be resolved or maybe my patience would have been improved.


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