Redesigning my Home Office

This is my previous work environment at home. Three computers one running windows 7 64 Bit, a linux debian box and an os x hackintosh. I have a total 5 displays running all at the same time. Plus you got to include some of my other gadgets pocket pc’s, iphones and video surveillance equipment not to mention my other linux stuff they are all connected in a disparate network that would include a PS3 in the living room (which i feed movies i ripped from my dvd collection hosted on my debian box).

After a month of working I finally decided to reorganized all my stuff – it got to the point that it was getting nutty and tiresome. Here’s my previous setup:


So, finally rolled up my sleeves and I decided to relabel all my boxes and files, purchase an extra desk and a book case. I rearrange everything. So here’s the new layout::

Note, I have a special kvm switch for the hackintosh’s secondary monitor which doubles as the primary monitor for the linux box. The Dual Screen Windows 7 box stays at the second desk. The second desk contains my in and out box other writing supplies


Secondary view of my gadget boxes and my bookcase all properly labeled


A view of where my filing cabinet and wireless printer


Now this is a normal working setup late at night


Future enhancements would be a plant (another money tree) and some pictures. Maybe an espresso machine but that might be too much.


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