EveryTrail – now the iPhone is truly a hikers friend

Had the chance to upgrade my iPhone. I had the original (whatever G that was) – was a bit hesitant upgrading since it works well. I used my old phone as a media player (all my podcast, movies, university lectures etc) so hence the reluctance to upgrade. Then I got into hiking and I sorely wanted a hikers GPS – unfortunately It’s one more gadget that i have to carry. So I bit into the upgrade bug and 3 months ago I got the 3GS. Yes with added GPS and compass capabilities. Now for EveryTrail –

EveryTrail (recommended by Casey – aka. Modern Hiker) Review: EveryTrail for iPhone | Modern Hiker:

Here’s how i used it:

First use:

walk home … first use of every trail

Map your trip with EveryTrail

My first field test point mugu – I used an IMAX battery pack:

point mugu

Map your trip with EveryTrail

Am completely satisfied with this product and can not wait to use it on my future hiking trips – Happy Trails !!!


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