Runyon Canyon

It’s been a while since i updated my blog. For you dear reader I do apologize. This blog has been a constant aggregator of all my tweets that also gets into my facebook profile. A common source of amusement. I do hope I can make it up to you by adding a few tales this evening. May your heart remain steadfast and your eyes be well rested and expectations be adequately satisfied by the ramblings of this hiker stranded in this dismal world of todo and chores. First I would like to thank my night who has been an inspiration in these times when I put to pen these verses that are in my head. To you my dear night I give my thanks.


August 16, 2009 was a day when I had a few hours to squeeze so I can do a hike. I was able to do this and also would like to tell you that Runyon Canyon in as much as it is a beautiful place. This Hiker does not consider it a hike but rather a place where you have a nice view and where a lot of dog owners taking their dog’s out for a walk – to do their business. Anyway at this date I have to point out that the fires in Los Angeles have started. The excellent romantic view is marred with the presence of smoke from the fires. In a normal non burning weather you would say that the view gives justice to Los Angeles and shows off the city like a “2 piece bikini” does to a well endowed formed. Apologies again to the imagery – I live near the beach,

Also, this day I was bitten mind you by a Chihuahua. Yes, not a pit-bull, a snake, a mountain lion or God forbid a bear. A pint size Chihuahua that just crawled out of the bun. Revenge by the numerous Hot Dog’s I ate in this country. Finally one of these suckers decided to grow legs and take a bite at me. Okay Pictures.


View … there are a lot of dogs. So if you don’t like them or you are a cat this is not your cup of tea.


If you are into zen this bench at night along with the lights from los angeles plus some pipe in music from your iPod is a concert and restful experience.


There are a lot of sites and sounds in this enclave. Enjoy and peace to all.


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