The Grotto … continuation …

Actual entrance is through the Circle X ranch- for a more detailed hiking references please follow Hiking the Grotto Trail | Modern Hiker


Follow this route to the camping ground


Until you get to this part -you may wish to … okay let’s go on


The trail begins here keep on going


You will reach this clearing


continue until you hit this


Seeing this stream means you are about so many feet from the grotto. Note there are so many pictures and things in between so expect a lot more. Expect maybe the feisty lizard that I will be mentioning at the close of this blog.


The grotto is underneath that flat rock and you need to scamper down. Also a lot of people wearing blue shirts where present. They might not be there when you do your hike. But in the event that they are still there please mention that the other members of their party have left.


If you see this opening you have to crawl inside. Remember that although mother would say not to crawl into dirty small enclosed holes. This hole is worth crawling down and being dirty. We won’t tell your mother. For this is the entrance to

the grotto


I spent a couple of minutes in zen looking and exploring at this nice rock formation. I really enjoyed that trip had a couple of minutes to gather my notes from my meeting earlier -used my Hackintosh. Also spent listening to “Ode of Joy” by Beethoven- beautiful. Scampering the rocks gives justice as to why I made the Hackintosh and also why I have to carry a small computer on such a beautiful hike

Note other things that played second importance in this hike are:


a snake


a feisty lizard


and the connecting portion from the previous blog that doesn’t connect because it is blocked. Or maybe the trail was not self evident.

You got to try the hike man ūüėČ


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