Hiking The Grotto and Testing the Hiker’s GPS


August 8, 2009 woke up early for a 7:00 am meeting with a couple of friends at Agoura Hills. Started the Hike at around 9:00 am and ended at around 3:00 am, Prior to the Grotto I decided to take an approach using Sandstone peak and take a small trail route to get into the Circle X Ranch the Grotto. IMG_1503.JPG

The entrance according to the map is at this point.


I had to test the GPS DIY system that I proposed was working. From a previous article hubogsukat.com Blog » Blog Archive » Reviving my HTC Cingular 8525 as a Hiker’s GPS


Unfortunately the software did not work and I would advise with the equipment it would not be a workable GPS solution that you can bet your life on. So please be advise when using this GPS solution. I have an alternative that I would be testing this coming week. So wait till then.

Following the trail I got a barrier and decided to head back and enter at the actual Circle X Ranch Entrance.IMG_1532.JPG

Succeeding Blog Entry will highlight the actual hike


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