Reviving my HTC Cingular 8525 as a Hiker’s GPS

Cingular-8525-HTC-TyTN.jpgNote, am typing this with my hackintosh near an apple store accessing the apple store free wifi service. I needed to update my Blog unfortunately at the time of this writing the Apple Store seems to be the most viable place for me to write – you will of course forgive me, so back to the tech.

As you all know I have fully embraced the wonderful world of hiking – other people go take up golf i gravitated to hiking. One of the hikes I am preparing for is the hike to the “bridge of nowhere” here is the link Hiking the East Fork of San Gabriel River to the Bridge to Nowhere | Modern Hiker. This hike unfortunately would require a GPS.

Having searched high and low I have found an expensive model from Garmin that could be a possible addition to my hiking paraphernalia. After reviewing the specs, I said to myself that this thing actually looks like my old HTC Cingular 8525 phone. And that got me thinking. I still got the old phone.


I have an old Bluetooth GPS Antennae from an old DIY project an Earthmate GPS BT-20 from DeLorme.


So If I paired them I could have something that would approximate the Garmin or be even better. I need the software or I can write one. The pairing was successful. Then I searched the internet and found this gem BASICgps


I loaded it on my HTC Cingular 8525 phone and it works. Will be field testing this alternative tomorrow at my hike on the grotto. For GPX files I used modern hiker as a source and load this on my phone. Hope everything works.


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