Eagle Rock and Temescal Peak

Right on top of Eagle Rock July 25,2009.

Took me about 3 hours to do this hike with plenty of stops to dangle between rocks and take photos. A note of warning try doing this early morning on summer. The heat is really intense with no opportunity for shade. Stay hydrated as much as possible (before my ramble a side praise on the platypus bottle)
First I carry a laptop bag 😉 yep it contains my hackintosh more on this later. The platypus 2+ water bottle Platypus 2+ Water Bottle at REI.com which contains over 2 liters of water is what I carry and contains my water supply. The main limitation I have in each hike is the fact that I need to make sure that my supply last. Meaning if it is half empty (or half full 😉 ) I need to turn back or Will God Forbid collapse and be consumed by whatever foraging beast that thinks a half conscious convulsing diabetic filipino is a nice tasty morsel.
Also with my supplies are energy bars, fruits and a Garmin Nuvi GPS. Note the Nuvi 200 is what I use – it’s a car GPS 😉 and an extra compass. Plus my iPhone 2G (am tempted to get the 3Gs still waiting to justify it 😉 ). Will be discussing Gear hacks in a separate write up.
Entrance is at Topanga State Park – please park inside and spend the 8 bucks or better yet tip. Tiny price to pay for preserving our beautiful park.

200907271910.jpg 200907271911.jpg
Hike Begins:
200907271912.jpg 200907271913.jpg
It’s 8:00 am and there are already a lot of hikers 😉

This is one creature I have not yet met.
If you see this rock formation … you are very near the Eagle Rock. I don’t know what this formation is called but I would like to think this is the “God looking at filipino climbing up the rock” rock.  
The Rock entance
The Actual Rock

On Top of the Rock

Man finally made it am heading home 😉
Till next week. Remember our world is a beautiful place stay hydrated and protect our forest.

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