Augmented Reality Apps

For this discussion please refer to this article from Mac Rumours  Augmented Reality Apps to Arrive with iPhone 3.1 Update – Mac Rumors

We will not even speculate why the 3.1 release date is slated on September 2009 which coincides with the rumored Apple Tablet. Let’s leave the lid on that Pandora’s box closed – for now. 😉

I will outline points on this new technology and how far it could take us – some of these are speculation with a belief “that it might happen”.

It all started with the IPhone and now its 3rd Iteration the iPhone 3GS iphone


Taken from Apple 😉

Now you have a phone with a camera, GPS and a Digital Compass. This means that you know exactly where the phone is. And where the camera is facing.

You can overlay an image on the actual picture.

Said image might be text. Like for example a Menu List of a restaurant. Say you are passing a restaurant and then a cartoon dialog box could be overlaid posting the menu for the day,

Some other hypotheticals:

  • In Disneyland for example we can establish virtual lines you don’t really have to physically queue to a ride an attraction. We can post the current wait time as a bubble and have an application that would generate a virtual ticket.
  • A doctor’s waiting room you can apply the same concept
  • Also for travel guides – imagine pointing your camera to an object and out pops the description of the object or an audio feed giving you the history of the object you are pointing at.
  • Directions for patients. You can have virtual arrows on where he has to go in the hospital.
  • For the Husband shopper a wife can send him a list and he can follow his phone and it would display what he needs to pick up and where he is suppose to get the “item”.

I have only scratched the surface on what this technology can do. I will be posting new items as they come


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