Naeng Myun Korean cold noodles


Well had a day off today – fix a couple of things needed to be fixed. Wanted to squeeze a hike in the process but because of time constraints was not able to. Man looking forward to the weekend. As a proper motivation for this busy day I wanted to experiment on some new food.

Korean Cold Noodles “Naeng Myun” from Sorabol. I wanted to try it. It was in a scale of 10, a 10 in taste and 11 in experience.

Next time, will write about that japanese cold noodle variant.

But let me try my best to describe this korean delicacy


The picture above does not contain the half of a hard boiled egg which comes with the dish. I had to eat that ingredient before the shot.

It is, buck wheat noodles, with daikon and cucumber slivers, half an egg (which i ate) crowning the dish. All these resting on a sugary beef broth with minute crushed ice floating on the sides. The crushed ice looks like our filipino version of bone marrow (italian osso bucco). I had a sip of the darn thing with the ice(bone marrow) and was pleasantly shocked.

It is like eating bacon and egg ice cream it defies tradition.

Comparing this with the traditional cold japanese noodles I find the broth of the korean acceptable for a first try in “cold noodles” japanese tends to be more of a seafood taste.

Well if you ever would like to try something cold for summer “Naeng Myun: from Sorobol is a definite treat.



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