My Small Hackintosh


It’s over 3 months since i converted my dell mini 9 into an OS X Hackintosh.

After all the expense and time I invested in building the thing Ii still have to say that the small keyboard is still a pain for long programming work. In order to compensate and make it more usable I had to dock it into a special KVM switch so I can use a regular keyboard and mouse. I would say that the best form factor for a laptop (to do decent prolong work extending for more than an hour) would at least be a 13 incher at this size you would have a descent keyboard and screen display. The Dell mini 9 is great for short typing task.

Side Note VMware fusion

Am studying and developing web apps I needed a Linux machine that would host apache, php and mysql. Normally, I use VMware on my other laptop and create a Linux VM. I decided to do the same by using the Mac VMware version called “Fusion” on my small Hackintosh. On this setup I was able to create a Linux VM that  host my php, web server and mysql database.

For kicks I even installed a copy of Windows 7.  Note to self a Windows 7 VM is really slow on a dell mini 9. It would be best to have it on a separate partition and running in pure machine mode 😉

Typing lalalala …

Purchase a laptop at least a 13 inch, More than 30 minutes on a netbook’s keyboard is akin to torture.


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