Reviving my HTC Hermes (Cingular 8525)

I had to make an emergency trip back home –Philippines.

Thus I needed be able to connect to the internet from anywhere (in the event I needed to do some work for my company). An open cell phone is what I need which I can tether my laptop so I can have internet access. “Open” meaning I can use a regular Philippine “SIM” or any SIM.

I resurrected my old HTC Hermes I opened it up and sprayed Freon. The problem I had before was that the screen losses its touch capability – the darn thing overheats. I let it cool off and waited for a day.

After which I used this link to download and unlock my HTC Hermes.

The unlock works…

After the Freon treatment the phone works so I was able to tether this device to my laptop.

I was able to get a decent connection in the Philippines. I used a “Smart SIM” card.

Note, I am using windows mobile 6 as the operating system of my Hermes and Vista Ultimate as my Laptop’s OS. A windows mobile open cell phone, as of today is the best traveler’s tool for getting things done.


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